We care.


ormatum is characterized by many faces and characters of different nations.
The different cultures that shape our team are making us unique and enriche us – in our interactions, as well as in our thinking, in our creativity, in our exchanges, in our daily work and finally in the product.
Our mission is to tell stories through our products and to create experiences that leave a lasting impression – beyond the business relationship with our customers.

We are more than just a design agency whose goal is to deliver good products to our customers. In addition, we want to create an added value for our society.

Our corporate philosophy is focused on a business practice and culture characterized by the values of community and sustainability.

Our goal is to give our attention and support to people and cultures in challenging living conditions.
As a customer, you are an important component.
With your trust in our work, we are able to use Formatum to live and spread the culture of giving. Thank you very much for your support, your trust in our work, for standing with us for fellowship.

The origins of the founders of Formatum are in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Osnabrück (Germany). Formatum currently supports projects in these cities, which we would like to introduce below.

You will be informed continuously on our homepage about the progress of our project goals and we would be pleased, if you continue to stay in contact with us and recommend us, so that we can continue to work together for a responsible coexistence and support many people with our vision.

Thank you very much!

Don Bosco

The best we can do in the world is to do good, be happy and let the sparrows whistle.

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André Gide

The secret of happiness lies not in possession, but in giving. Who makes others happy, is happy.

Don Bosco Katholische Jugendhilfe Osnabrück (Germany)


he Don Bosco Catholic Youth Aid is a recognized youth welfare institution of the diocese Osnabrück. For more than 100 years, the institution has offered outpatient and (partially) inpatient assistance for children, adolescents, young adults and families in challenging life situations in the city and in the district of Osnabrück.

The main task is the accommodation, care and education of disadvantaged and in their development vulnerable children and adolescents.

There are children living in the facility (from 0 years to young adulthood) who, due to their different circumstances, do not have the opportunity to grow up in their parents’ home or within their family of origin.

Around 250 employees develop new perspectives in order to secure a place in society for the approx. 340 children, adolescents and families. This development process is always shaped by the biography, the material situation and the personal resources of these young people.


Offers of Don Bosco Catholic youth welfare are:

  • stationary residential groups
  • special education group
  • Youth group homes
  • Assisted living for teenagers
  • inpatient assistance for unaccompanied minor refugees
  • Tagesgruppe
  • education sites
  • into care
  • inpatient group
  • stationary perspective clarification
  • Social educational family help
  • Educational support and care workers
  • Individual help

Fundamental to the work is the philosophy of life of the patron Saint Don Bosco (1815-1889), who committed himself with an enthusiastic joy of life for street children in his hometown Turin (Italy) and worked with them on a hopeful life perspective.

The main focuses of his pedagogy – love, reason and faith – still form the main pillars of life and work in the institution nowadays.

For more than 100 years, the institution has offered outpatient and (partially) inpatient assistance for children, adolescents, young adults and families

Currently, the children of a group home have the wish of a new outdoor playground for their garden.

Our goal is to work with you to make this dream come true. On our homepage you can follow the progress of this goal in the donation barometer.

If you would like to find out more about the work of Don Bosco Catholic Youth Welfare, the institution is pleased about a visit to their homepage:


Casa do Menor Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


he Casa do Menor was founded in 1986 by an Italian missionary, Fr Renato Chiera, who, as he witnessed the climate of death and violence in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, decided to abandon the books of philosophy in order to give his life to the disadvantaged and to devote to needy children of the neighborhood Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro.

The Casa do Menor was born in the heart of the Catholic Church, but was nourished by the “spirituality of unity” of the Focolare Movement and partly by the charisma of Don Bosco, a great teacher and educator of young people. Therefore, the institution lives an ecumenical, interfaith spirituality in dialogue with all people, even those who have no faith.

With its offers and program, the institution addresses children and adolescents rejected by society who long for love, family, school, job, prospects and a future.

Unfortunately, for many Brazilian children and young adults born in an unfair, harsh and marginalized society, the reality is condemned without the love of their family, without a future perspective and a life of violence, crime and drug trafficking, often associated with premature one Death.

Casa do Menor was created to help the neglected children who are experiencing this tragedy, and for over 30 years has been trying to change their destiny and rewrite their history with human and spiritual values.

With housing, integration and community development programs, Casa do Menor operates in various Brazilian states (Rio de Janeiro, Alagoas, Céara).

Some offers of Casa do Menor are:

  • Family-analogue residential groups for children and adolescents
  • kindergartens
  • Leisure and cultural centers
  • Therapy-/ Rehabilitation-center for drug addicts
  • Cultural and sports centers
  • Training and education programs
  • community work
  • exchange programs

The dream of Casa do Menor is to build a world without neglected children, where everyone can live a respectful and fair, decent life.

Our goal is to share this dream with children and teenagers in Rio de Janeiro.
On our homepage you can follow the progress of this goal in the donation barometer.

Thank you for your support, also on behalf of the children, young people, young adults, families and staff of Casa do Menor!

If you want to know more about Casa do Menor, you are welcome to visit the website: